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Guangzhou Batai Chemical Co., Ltd.

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Guangzhou Batai Chemical Co., Ltd was established in 2009. As one of the leading Chinese silicone suppliers, we are specialized in R&D and application of arganosilicone in the filed of personal care products and are devoted to be the provider for more overall solutions.


With our own 4000 square meter factory in Guangzhou, our factory has been committed to innovation and production with ISO 9001 compliance , and won the Advanced Technology Enterprise Award in 2016; the production capacity has been increasing in years to meet actual increase in demands for customer expectations in terms of shortening lead time for domestic and overseas requirements .


Our mature application laboratory aims to pioneer of innovative and trendy solutions to help our customers succeed in new formulation developments.
























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I am glad find the good material from china. Batai's products is very good. -- Imran Ahmed

The silicone gel bring smooth feeling and powder texture. it's nice material in cosmetic. -- JORGE GARDEA